Trello Your Life did not pay me for this endorsement, although if they wanted to please feel free to reach out :).  I'm not going to explain what Trello is other than it's a fancy lists of things. To Do lists on steroids, if you will. You can read that at I'm more going to focus on how I use Trello.

I started using Trello a couple years ago and I found it really helps declutter my thoughts. Being an adult and stuff, I got a lot on my mind. So I created a board for "Life Thoughts". This has a couple columns. The basic "ToDo" list. These are for general wants, whether it be something I want off Amazon, to life goals.

I also have some shared boards with C. We have one for our grocery list. It uses the Labels to say what part of the store its in. It has a simple "To Get", "Got", and "Meal Plan Ideas". It works out really well for us. When we are almost out of something we just bust out our phones and add it to the list. No more forgetting things at the store, and no more forgetting the list. Think about it, when is the last time you went to the store without your phone?

We also have a Trips board. This board consists of trips we want to do someday, ones that are planned, and ones we have taken in the past with links out to photo albums and the like. I found this board to be super helpful when we are planning trips and figuring out where we want to go. Life to us is about adventure together.

We also have a weekly meal planning board. Each day is a column and each card is a meal. We assign who is going to cook the meals based on our schedules. This is super nice when going shopping for groceries. As planning ahead = we know exactly what we are going to get. This also helps us a lot with eating healthy. We go out way less when we plan, and eat less crap.

I've also used it to do things like move. When you move you have to remember to do a lot of crap. It also feels good to check things off "the list". I have one Move board that i've used a couple times. Turns out moving is the same thing every time. So really when you have a new move you just slide everything from "Done" to "To do". It sounds kind of depressing, it is. PS, I don't like moving until its done.

Lastly I use it for work along with an application called Pomello. This app helps you stay focused on a single task, and grind it out in 25 minute increments. When I use Pomello I get a lot done. This is only helpful if you have a laundry list of tasks to do. I found it challenging if you didn't have a list. I then use my Work board in our daily stand-ups. Stand-ups are daily meetings that you explain to your team what you did yesterday, and what you plan to do today. Agile your life!

My life is full of lists, but better it be on a digital piece of paper than in my head. Thanks to Trello, I don't have to remember everything. Also, their mascot is a dog named Taco, what's not to love?


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