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Endomondo vs Strava vs Runtastic

Endomondo is a great service, but they removed the Nike+ integration which makes me sad. So like any other disgruntled user I look elsewhere.  Through friends and Google I found Strava and Runtastic. All of these services have a mobile app, sweet, moving on. Strava and Runtastic both have Android Wear (a new smart watch platform by Google) Support (yes I got one, its amazing, more on that here ).  Endomondo just released Pebble support (its one of the first smart watches), so who knows when they will get Wear. Strava has really clean integration with the smart watches, I can say things like "start run" or "start Strava" to my Android Wear watch and it starts up the app, connects to GPS, and has a big blue go button to click to start. If I say run it defaults to run. If I say Strava it defaults to my default sport (currently set to cycling).  I always have my phone, so it just makes sense to use an app over my Nike+ GPS watch. Runtastic's app and website is