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2017 - You are just in time

It's that time of year again. A time to reflect, a time to set life altering goals, and a time to accept. This year has had its ups and downs. For me personally 2016 was full of life and excitement. I got engaged, started a new job, I bought a new car, and we decided to build a house! Four pretty big changes in my life and all of them have been excellent changes. I love my lady, my car is sweet, I love my job, and I'm super excited about the house. We also took some excellent trips, C graduated (hello Doctor!), and we went to some auto races. What's not to love? My 2016 //start 2016 rant So with all that amazing happening locally the remainder of the world was practically doomed. 2016 was rough... lets be honest. We saw the passing of countless actors, musicians, athletes, officers, and civilians. So much so when I saw a new headline of a death I wasn't even shocked. It was almost expected at this point. Headlines were full of greed and hatred at all new levels