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Trying Something New

Life is full of changes both personal and professional. Monday marks a big change for me professionally. Monday I start a new job at a new company. I have had a fair number of changes in my career. I've gone from Java developer, to Oracle Database Administrator, to Oracle Everything Administrator, to Java Developer, to team lead/Developer, and now to a new company as a Software Developer. I really enjoyed my time at UW-Madison. I learned a lot and grew my skills as a software engineer. I also got my hands dirty with some system operations. A great group of people with fun opportunities. I'm moving to a newish (8 years old) company called Spredfast. The Spredfast social marketing platform sifts through millions of pieces of social content per minute, so brands can participate in individual conversations or amplify relevant content across any digital screen. The platform allows customers to engage in real-time. Combined with comprehensive data, Spredfast creates more interactio