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Our new fish tank

So we have finally got around to building our fish tank. Since the time we bought our house and left the apartment life I have been wanting to build out a big fish tank. I've had a couple fish throughout the years, but only got as big as 20 gallons. This time we went all out and got a 75 gallon tank. We just got the last pieces delivered on Thursday so we took some of Friday night and most of Saturday morning setting it up.  Configuration Aqueon 75 gallon tank. We were going to go with a 55, but really the 75 is way more sturdy and pretty much the same initial cost. Great recommendation from the fish people. Aqueon tank stand. We went with a Aqueon stand because this gives the glass a lifetime warranty and we enjoyed the style. Aqueon canopy. Suggested by our fish tank store because we have cats. I must say I like it a lot more than I thought I would. It gives it a really nice clean look because it hides all the cords and hoses coming over the back side of the tank. Fe