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Resources for Leadership

I was asked recently for a list of resources for management by a fellow manager. I have so many, but I didn't have it readily available. This post is for that. I'll regularly update it with references and the like. Podcasts Simon Sinek Podcas t; interesting interviews with various leaders Jacko Podcast ; the discipline of leadership. Interesting US military leader view of the world. Good stories and lessons learned. HBR IdeaCast  - Harvard Business Review's collection of stories about business. The Knowledge Podcast - Really interesting interviews with various leaders of the world Making Sense with Sam Harris - Most of these are pretty good listen. Sometimes relevant to leadership, other times just about humanity. Video Channels Simon Sinek - a collection of lectures, cuts from the podcast recordings, and tips of the day. Leadership Nudges - Great collection of 2-5 minute reminders. This comes from the author of "Turn the ship around". Books See my book