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Training for a 10K Run, an OKR story

Celebrate Success. This week went really well, 6 out of 7 days accomplished. My other goals were a success as well. I got an average of 7.5 hours of sleep and new shoes! This week I noticed it was always a challenge to wake up. I had to find my inner Jacko to try to spring out of bed. I really have to stop hitting snooze... It all came to a head for sleep on Friday. I just couldn't get up. Ended up sleeping in to 5:30a. Felt amazing! Then I felt bad I didn't lift but really I needed the rest. It is my first miss. I think I just stayed up a bit too much celebrating freedom ('merica). The runs went really well but I could tell that I really needed new shoes. I went on 2 trail runs during the week (new construction in my area that isn't paved yet). The runs help me think about things. It really is my meditation time. I really feel so much better on days that I run. Lifting is very enjoyable as well. I found a great training program (thanks Cassi!) based on my 1 rep max