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2018 - The Future

I know it has been a very long while for a proper post but I suppose it is time. Only 4 blog posts this year, I must say I have been busy. 2017 was fully of joy, excitement, thrills, a few spills, and a ton of fun. Even if the blog doesn't show it. As planned Cassi and I were married in May on the lovely beaches of Cancun, MX. It was just lovely. It was a small ceremony right on the beach. I couldn't have asked for a better time. We then promptly finished building our house and moved right in a week later. By June we were living happily ever after in our brand new home. Later in the year we found out some more great news! We are planning on having a child come June 2018. We are both very excited for our next chapter. We also saw the passing of our elderly cat Snuggles. She lived a long and happy life dying at the age of 23, which is very old for a cat. She will forever live in our hearts. I partook in a few duathlons. Not as many as I had originally planned, partially d