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2014 FIA Formula One World Championship...

... is over and here are my thoughts. New Power Units - Amazing. I don't care about how loud it is , the tech in these cars is outstanding. See video here  that explains more. Merc Power - Unstoppable... when it works. Mercedes reliability were not really that bad. They had a couple failures, but who doesn't? These are prototype engines. Bound to have some failures. Just a bummer it had to be on the final race to decide the drivers championship. On the other hand, every engine manufacture had failures this season, Renault were the worst, Ferrari a very close second, and then Merc. It is a new formula after all. ROS vs. HAM - Everyone thought Hamilton (HAM) was going to dominate, so not terribly surprised he won. I had a feeling Rosberg (ROS) would put up a fight. I was right. Curious if it would have ended differently if they would have went head to head (ROS suffered ERS failure 1/2 way through the final race, removing all possibility of winning the championship

Winter is Coming, and I Can Not Wait

I've never been so excited for winter. You are probably thinking, "what's wrong with you?"  The answer is simple, fat biking.  Its just fun. Granted I haven't tried it in snow , but if its anything like riding in the sand, then I'll be having a great time. I've done about 100 miles of single track trail using the bike and a bit cruising around town. It's a little different than a typical mountain bike. Its comfortable, slow, and can go pretty much anywhere. This is a new outlook on winter for me. Usually I am dread everything winter. Cold, snow, ugh. I hope that this activity changes that outlook, and I go out often. If not I'll follow this up with a craigslist ad selling my fat bike :P SO, when you look out in winter and you see this: I will see this: Happy riding :)

Formula 1 Multiclass Solution

After watching the Friday press conference for F1 I got an idea. We see this all the time, F1 teams failing and new ones coming in. The topic of money cap has came up once again after two back marker teams went belly up. Toto Wolf (Merc boss) speaks that it would be impossible to police the cap. I kind of agree.  Sports car racing has a different solution that I think F1 could try.  They have multiple classes. Prototype one (P1) is the extreme, unlimited budget, etc... then they have P2 which is limited resources, spec engines, etc... This gives a more reasonable approach with new teams. What if F1 adopted that? It would make the back markers matter, which would be nice IMO.  The teams that want to do the money cap could, and the manufactures that want to spend $300 million can.