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Running in Winter

Running in winter can suck, but its all about your attitude.  If you go into it thinking that its going to suck, guess what, it will. There are a lot of great things about running in the winter.  You most likely won't overheat.  Less traffic on the trails.  Quietness, beautiful scenery, nature! There are a few extra precautions I take while running in the winter months. 1) Visibility Clothing.  I do this a lot of the time, but in winter it is extra important.  People don't see you, and in winter they are really not looking for you. I mean, who would go out and run when its snowing outside? :) 2) Head Lamp and rear light.  Since a lot of people run either before work or after you end up running at night during the winter.  This can be an additional issue #1 doesn't really help with.  That being said, a good head lamp really goes a long way.  I also recommend wearing a light on your back.  Ever see a car with only its daytime running lights on? They are kind of hard to

2013 Madison Marathon Race Recap

There is only one time that you can do something for the first time.  For me, it was the first time I had ever ran beyond the wall (20 miles for you non runners).  The last 20 weeks or 500+ miles of training all came down to this day, the day that I ran a full distance marathon. courtesy of I used Hal Hidgon's novice training plan for first time marathoners . It was a great training program.  It never made me feel to tired or "worn out".  Its due to the design, 2 weeks of increase of about 10%, then a recovery week, and cycle.  I actually did the 1/2 marathon training, but then when I was done with that, I wanted more. I found a late season marathon in the great city of Madison, WI.  It was a smaller marathon, about 7000 runners between the full and half distance. 11 weeks of training after my first 1/2 marathon I had the normal 3 week of tapering.  This was following my 20 mile run (longest run of the training plan).  Most runners

A New Blog for Life Stuff

Okay, so I started  in the goal of posting about alternatives to paying for cable.  After removing cable from my life I started to do other things besides sit in front of the TV.  I started writing about that in that blog.  Then I realized, "you know, I should just create a life blog about life, and stuff I do."  So here I am, writing about it. Enjoy! What this blog will hold. - Running - Product Reviews - Rants about various topics - Cats (for the lolz) - Fun Facts (facts of the day if you will)