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What is important to you?

Context In a discussion about my career pathing with a mentor, we identified that I have a tendency to "judo move" the question, "where do you want to go" with "where the business needs are". I was reflecting on this yesterday and I've come to the conclusion that this is my challenge for this post. They explained what they enjoyed and what they tried to work towards, but I didn't have a good answer to this, well I did, after some thought. My priorities/values are in this order; family, changing the world for the better, and having a bit of fun. Really what does that mean?  Family Family is my everything, without them I am just a man living their normal life. I always put my family first in all decisions. Quality time with my family is my favorite part of my day. Working remotely has really unlocked another level of enjoyment as I'm at home for the majority of my day. So it is quite normal to have a big breakfast together, have some lunch togeth