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Hi. I am really bad about writing in all my blogs, so I decided to consolidate them. You can find my new blog here: Looking forward to seeing you in my new space.

UPDATE: This is now false, cheers.

Madison WI Growler Fill up List

As of 7/23/2015

I got bored this evening and decided to call all the local breweries and ask them the following questions. Do you fill growlers, do you fill other breweries growlers, and how much. Here is a little table for ya:

BreweryDo they Fill?Do they fill other breweries Growlers?Cost (low/high)Great DaneYesYes14One BarrelYesYes12/20Hop Cat*YesNo14/18Al AsylumYesYes12/15Next DoorYesYes13.50/20VintageYesYes12/32House of BrewsYesNo (prebottled)15 (including dep.)Karben4YesYes10/13
* : not a brewery, i know

A big thing with bigger places was that the growler had the surgeon general warning on it, so don't scratch that off. Lastly it has to be sealable. Overall, it was pretty common to fill up a growler, excellent, and even better, you just need one (at most places). So there you have it, cheers. - Tim