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Crazylegs 2014

There is always that one race that defines you as a runner.  One that you look back on and say, "yup, this is when I crossed the line." The line that distinguished you from an average joe to a runner. Crazylegs 2013 was that race for me. A year ago I ran this race, it was my first ever beyond the distance of 5K. It moved me beyond my comfort zone, beyond what I knew I could accomplish.  Looking back on it, it's where I started a journey. It all started with a friend making a comment saying, "you should sign up" (thanks Dave), and sign up I did. My goal for this year was simple, beat Tim from last year.  I have been light training all winter.  Running outside about one time per week with friends and inside 0-2 times. This spring I started gearing up for a race I have in a couple weeks. However, the Crazylegs 8K was also on my list. I also switched up my training regiment this year.  I decided to base my training off of Hal Higdon 1/2 marathon intermediate t