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Trello Your Life

Image did not pay me for this endorsement, although if they wanted to please feel free to reach out :).  I'm not going to explain what Trello is other than it's a fancy lists of things. To Do lists on steroids, if you will. You can read that at . I'm more going to focus on how I use Trello. I started using Trello a couple years ago and I found it really helps declutter my thoughts. Being an adult and stuff, I got a lot on my mind. So I created a board for "Life Thoughts". This has a couple columns. The basic "ToDo" list. These are for general wants, whether it be something I want off Amazon, to life goals. I also have some shared boards with C. We have one for our grocery list. It uses the Labels to say what part of the store its in. It has a simple "To Get", "Got", and "Meal Plan Ideas". It works out really well for us. When we are almost out of something we just bust out our phones and ad

The amount of communication channels is too damn high

At work we are blessed with the freedom to work with a wide selection of technologies. This is a wonderful thing that lets the mind be free from restriction. Where this becomes an issue is when teams try to work together. There is a history issue at work to work in silos. Teams work independently on the idea with little input from outside contributors until the product is done. This is getting better though brown bags and user groups but still needs some work. One area that needs help is chat clients. I found people love using there own chat client for their given team. We have a campus wide XMPP service which works fine. Its just chat after all. If that was it, there would be no point to this blog post. There is also Skype for Business that DoIT started implementing. Honestly XMPP is much better for chat, but some people deem that they will only use Skype and nothing else.  Then we have teams using Slack. Slack has a lot of great features, but one disadvantage is you have to sign up