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9 Ways to Caffeinate your life: a deep dive into the impact of coffee, tea, and yerba mate

Together with the coffee-at-tea expert, ChatGPT, as the expert witness to the effects, both positive and warnings, minus the funny bits, like figuring out how to do the 💩emoji 🤣. 1 & 7. Yerba Mate Loosely translated by some Argentinians as "The Herb". This savory tea beverage is not for those who need that sugar rush in the morning, but enjoy the smoky flavor of a dark tea. Yerba has about the same level of caffeine as your standard cup of joe, but without the shakiness that comes with your double-pump latte from the Bux. Yerba water is set to the same as the green tea setting on the #3 temperature-controlled water heater, also known as 175F. That water heater is amazing, it even has a button that says "hold temp", which when pressed, keeps the temp steady for up to 30 minutes. Brilliant. You then take the hot water and pour it slowly over the herb that is in the mate cup pointed to in 7.1. If you are on the go you can pour it into the thermos with the Grafana