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2013 Madison Marathon Race Recap

There is only one time that you can do something for the first time.  For me, it was the first time I had ever ran beyond the wall (20 miles for you non runners).  The last 20 weeks or 500+ miles of training all came down to this day, the day that I ran a full distance marathon. courtesy of I used Hal Hidgon's novice training plan for first time marathoners . It was a great training program.  It never made me feel to tired or "worn out".  Its due to the design, 2 weeks of increase of about 10%, then a recovery week, and cycle.  I actually did the 1/2 marathon training, but then when I was done with that, I wanted more. I found a late season marathon in the great city of Madison, WI.  It was a smaller marathon, about 7000 runners between the full and half distance. 11 weeks of training after my first 1/2 marathon I had the normal 3 week of tapering.  This was following my 20 mile run (longest run of the training plan).  Most runners

A New Blog for Life Stuff

Okay, so I started  in the goal of posting about alternatives to paying for cable.  After removing cable from my life I started to do other things besides sit in front of the TV.  I started writing about that in that blog.  Then I realized, "you know, I should just create a life blog about life, and stuff I do."  So here I am, writing about it. Enjoy! What this blog will hold. - Running - Product Reviews - Rants about various topics - Cats (for the lolz) - Fun Facts (facts of the day if you will)