Winter is Coming, and I Can Not Wait

I've never been so excited for winter. You are probably thinking, "what's wrong with you?"  The answer is simple, fat biking.  Its just fun. Granted I haven't tried it in snow, but if its anything like riding in the sand, then I'll be having a great time.

I've done about 100 miles of single track trail using the bike and a bit cruising around town. It's a little different than a typical mountain bike. Its comfortable, slow, and can go pretty much anywhere.

This is a new outlook on winter for me. Usually I am dread everything winter. Cold, snow, ugh. I hope that this activity changes that outlook, and I go out often. If not I'll follow this up with a craigslist ad selling my fat bike :P

SO, when you look out in winter and you see this:

I will see this:

Happy riding :)


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