2014 FIA Formula One World Championship...

... is over and here are my thoughts.

New Power Units - Amazing. I don't care about how loud it is, the tech in these cars is outstanding. See video here that explains more.

Merc Power - Unstoppable... when it works. Mercedes reliability were not really that bad. They had a couple failures, but who doesn't? These are prototype engines. Bound to have some failures. Just a bummer it had to be on the final race to decide the drivers championship. On the other hand, every engine manufacture had failures this season, Renault were the worst, Ferrari a very close second, and then Merc. It is a new formula after all.

ROS vs. HAM - Everyone thought Hamilton (HAM) was going to dominate, so not terribly surprised he won. I had a feeling Rosberg (ROS) would put up a fight. I was right. Curious if it would have ended differently if they would have went head to head (ROS suffered ERS failure 1/2 way through the final race, removing all possibility of winning the championship).  Either way, congrats to Hamilton, 2 time Formula 1 world champion.

Massa - If Williams continues on the path they are on, lookout for him next year as a serious threat for the top podium step. Its so good to see Massa excelling like he should.

Looking forward to...

  • Honda McLaren
  • Red Bull bounce back?
  • Haas (2016): U. S. A., U S A.

That is all,


PS: #ForzaJules , #keepfightingmichael


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