Shamrock Shuffle 10K Review

Shamrock Shuffle 10K, more like Shamrock Shiver 10K.  It was a chilly one. With a real feel of -5 degrees one couldn't possibly think this was a good idea.  I brushed off the negativity in my head, and geared up for the start.  This was a typical Madison event, going by my favorite hills on Observatory Drive.  I like these hills because of how challenging they are.  When you finish one you go right into another, 3 in total.  It is super challenging, and you feel some form of pride when you are done.

The way out wasn't bad, we were going with the wind.  I did a 6:50 for the first 2 miles, I was surprised as I didn't think I was going that quickly but I continued on.  On the turn back I hit the 5k mark at 21m 40s, and then the wind hit.  It was cold, it was strong, but we continued on.  I actually caught myself drafting people, it actually helped a bit.  Once we left the shoreline it wasn't as bad, and back to the hills.  On the way back it was less exciting.  We hit the 5 mile marker and I had a burst of energy.  I sprinted up the last 2 hills and coasted down.  Toward the finish I picked it up.  Its funny, you always feel like you are sprinting really fast at the end, but looking back at your GPS, you don't go that much faster.  Alas.

My final time was 43:46.

What a fun event! It was very well organized. I would do it again, hopefully it would be a little warmer though.


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