March Already? Recovering from Injury

So its March already.  I don't think I wrote in this thing since January. I get I was just so busy with Feb, it just slipped by.  I just setup my plan to run the Grand Rapids River Bank Run (25k) in May. I can finally start training after I had some weird foot/heel issue that I was dealing with. I have 10 weeks to get up to a 15.5 mile distance. I think I can do it since I've been running this whole winter (except for the past week or so).  My schedule is going to consist of:

* Monday - Weights + Yoga
* Tuesday - "Fun" Run at EH
* Wednesday - Track day (sprints | tempo alternating)
* Thursday - Weights & Light Run
* Friday - Rest
* Saturday - Long run
* Sunday - Cross train (bike, racquetball, etc...) or Light run

I based the schedule on a 12 week 1/2 marathon training on It should be rough since I'm starting a bit later than I planned, but alas. Better late than never :-).


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