Happy 2023!

Happy new year everyone! For this year I’m going to try and take some advice and create a life of consistency health, enjoy, and continuously learning. Using my 3 pillars of my values as a guide, here are my goals for 2023.

Consistency is Key

I want to scale back up to my level of fitness in 2020. I ran 2 1/2 marathons that year, so that seems like a good target for running. I’d also love to average 3 WODs per week. Even during work trips or illnesses. I’ll just lighten the intensity of those workouts during those times.

As part of being consistent I need to focus on eating well. As they say, garbage in, garbage out. It starts with a good diet.

Sustain a Sustainable Schedule

This goal focuses around sticking to committing appropriate levels of time to my main areas I spend time; work, family time, friends time, personal recharge time, and of course sleep. It’s all about finding a proper balance that when goes unchecked I typically 1) work too much, 2) don’t check in with my friends, and 3) detach from family time. I’ll start off by building out a schedule for work days and non-work days. I have these, and they will need flexibility, but i’d like to record in my journal when I shift from my ultimate schedule.

Enjoying the Moments

You see it every time you watch a major event, you see the camera pan over to the crowd to just see hands holding up phones recording the moment and truly missing the experience. I have a tendency to be one of those persons. This does mean that I have a million photos/videos of things, but sometimes that means I do miss out. I am going to try to do less capturing the moment, and more enjoying the moment. I think again, its finding balance. I typically try to capture because I worry that the memory will be lost if not captured, but really what is the memory if that of just looking at a screen and living vicariously through photos of the past. That being said, I do want to have at least 1 family photo per month šŸ˜‚.

Reflecting & Releasing

Reflection is a critical step in understanding holistically how the day went, So I want to start writing more about these reflections. What I think might interest others I’ll post here.

Releasing is another outcome from meditation. I feel better when I meditate and release worries, frustrations, etc.. It’s just a whole lot of energy that I don’t need and no one really needs.

Well there it is, not a complete overhaul of what I do now, but refining my goals and shaping my daily activities toward those goals.


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