Resources for Leadership

I was asked recently for a list of resources for management by a fellow manager. I have so many, but I didn't have it readily available. This post is for that. I'll regularly update it with references and the like.


  • Simon Sinek Podcast; interesting interviews with various leaders
  • Jacko Podcast; the discipline of leadership. Interesting US military leader view of the world. Good stories and lessons learned.
  • HBR IdeaCast - Harvard Business Review's collection of stories about business.
  • The Knowledge Podcast - Really interesting interviews with various leaders of the world
  • Making Sense with Sam Harris - Most of these are pretty good listen. Sometimes relevant to leadership, other times just about humanity.

Video Channels

  • Simon Sinek - a collection of lectures, cuts from the podcast recordings, and tips of the day.
  • Leadership Nudges - Great collection of 2-5 minute reminders. This comes from the author of "Turn the ship around".


See my book reviews for some of the interesting books I've read on leadership. More to come, including "Drive", "Team Topologies", "The Managers Path", and more... when I get time to write up my notes, I have a 2-year-old, time is precious.


  • Remote Team Management - A great overview of being a remote manager, hosted by GitLab, a fully remote company. 


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