One way to take notes during 1:1


One of my goals for Q3 2019 was to find a good way of collecting notes for 1:1s. Historically I just had a rolling document that had a spat of notes from various meetings. I wanted to get a little more organized. First I was listing off what I should cover and how often. Not as a hard rule but just as a guideline. Second I looked into a medium to share this information with the people I support. I read a blog post from Trello1 that suggested having a board per connection with various boards. Check that out for more details.


My Template (link in summary)
I really liked the idea from Trello, so I did an experiment and created a template2. Then I took one of my teams and created a board for each individual. It was pretty well received from the teams. For the repeatable tasks I listed out the things that I thought about during my first part of this goal. 1) performance feedback, 2) company news I've heard, 3) ice breaker questions, and 4) quarterly goals.

Automating distribution of topics with

I have a need sometimes to share a topic with all my 1:1 boards. I accomplish this with some help from I created a recipe that states "if i put a card on a specific list in my work list trello board, then post a card with the same information to each 1:1 board's to discuss column." Neat huh? Crazy that ifttt is free, I wonder how they make their money.

Wrap it up

Anyway, that's it. That is what I'm doing for my 1:1 notes. Neat huh? What do you do for your 1:1 note taking?

1: Trello Blog
2: My 1:1 Template


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