Training for a 10K Run, an OKR story

Celebrate Success. This week went really well, 6 out of 7 days accomplished. My other goals were a success as well. I got an average of 7.5 hours of sleep and new shoes! This week I noticed it was always a challenge to wake up. I had to find my inner Jacko to try to spring out of bed. I really have to stop hitting snooze... It all came to a head for sleep on Friday. I just couldn't get up. Ended up sleeping in to 5:30a. Felt amazing! Then I felt bad I didn't lift but really I needed the rest. It is my first miss. I think I just stayed up a bit too much celebrating freedom ('merica). The runs went really well but I could tell that I really needed new shoes. I went on 2 trail runs during the week (new construction in my area that isn't paved yet). The runs help me think about things. It really is my meditation time. I really feel so much better on days that I run. Lifting is very enjoyable as well. I found a great training program (thanks Cassi!) based on my 1 rep max that I did last week. Next week my goal is to own my lifts and make sure they get done.

New Shoe day is simply the best for any runner. My Newton Gravities hit the 250 mile mark and you could tell it was time. When I ran for longer distances I could feel it in my knees and the padding in the sole was just much less than they were once before. I did some research around my next pair. I really enjoyed the Newton brand (sorry Brooks). After realizing I need a bit of pronation stabilizing shoe I looked at the Distance S (S is for stability). A little less than the Gravity in price so I snagged a pair. This was my first run in them and I must say they were great! We'll see how they end up. I always say new shoes are always great because they are new. Once the honeymoon period (about 50 miles on them) is done you really see if a shoe is good for you.

Next week I'm stretching out my runs a bit. Adding 1.5 miles over the course of the week, but keeping the long run at 4 miles. I typically do 3 weeks of building then 1 week recovery. I'm also taking the same route with the lifting that I've added. Reflecting on last week "Yellow" for sleep I kept it in mind in the action column. It was effective. I went from Yellow to Green. Everything else is also Green, yay! For my confidence levels of KRs I went down 1 in my injuries. I'm not super worried, but my body has been saying "hey, why you doing so much?" so naturally my confidence drops a bit. Improving squat weight by 50% went up by 1, feeling better now that I've done more lifting sessions. Lastly my PR 10k time, it still seems like a moonshot, maybe even Mars. I'd need to run sub 7 minute/mile average. My training runs have been in the 9 min/mile. Just seems unrealistic at this time, but hey that is why they call it a moonshot.


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