2017 - You are just in time

It's that time of year again. A time to reflect, a time to set life altering goals, and a time to accept. This year has had its ups and downs. For me personally 2016 was full of life and excitement. I got engaged, started a new job, I bought a new car, and we decided to build a house! Four pretty big changes in my life and all of them have been excellent changes. I love my lady, my car is sweet, I love my job, and I'm super excited about the house. We also took some excellent trips, C graduated (hello Doctor!), and we went to some auto races. What's not to love?

My 2016

//start 2016 rant

So with all that amazing happening locally the remainder of the world was practically doomed. 2016 was rough... lets be honest. We saw the passing of countless actors, musicians, athletes, officers, and civilians. So much so when I saw a new headline of a death I wasn't even shocked. It was almost expected at this point. Headlines were full of greed and hatred at all new levels. Some even say they have lost all hope for humanity. Google did a good job summing up the feels of 2016, have a watch.

I say we need a new hope (RIP CF), and its called 2017. We need 2017 to be a good year. We need to be the change we want to see in the world. For humanity, I have hope. I have hope that we will hold together locked arm with our neighbors. A community of people living life to its fullest. Life gets better one compliment at a time. Be the change, do the good, and be human.

//end rant

Okay, so yeah 2017. It's gonna be a great year. We are to be married in May in Mexico, it is going to be spectacular. We have all the selections made. We will also be having get togethers in Michigan and in our new house later in the year as well. We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone. We move in to the new house right after the wedding in mid-May. All the final selections are happening right now. SO.MANY.CHOICES. Its all been really fun though. I can't wait to have exactly the house we want.

In my past goals I have also included my athletic goals. 2016 was my rest and recovery year. After Chicago 2015 my legs were in pretty rough shape. I ran one 5k this year, so I'd say that was pretty successful recovery. I feel 1000% times better physically than I did at the end of 2015. After a couple p90x3 sessions (I almost completed it this time, but seriously it got old) I recently started running twice per week and some weights. Yoga has helped me a lot throughout my recovery, I will maintain that practice. I decided next year I'm going to fill it with duathlons. I did one in 2015 and had a blast! They have something called the Wisconsin Du series. It consists of 5 events throughout the year. I thought that would be a good goal for the year. I may throw a couple other races, but nothing too crazy. Well, we will see :). I learned this past year I really need a goal in order to maintain my level of fitness I find acceptable. Without my races I usually fade into the "same old dull routine" of eating chimichangas and tacos. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I love taco Tuesday, but I miss my Tuesday night runs. So now that I'm healed up, lets do this.

Alright that's it for now.

Lets do this 2017.

ps: I know its been a while, but I have a few ideas brewing for posts so stay tuned.


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