I'm Back, Steam Summer Sale, and VLOG003

I had a fun experiment with my GitHub blog, but I decided I'm coming back to blogger for now for simplicity. It was a clever exercise in utilizing github's gist site to generate a collection of files (posts) with some configuration (another file in the gist), and generate a blog from it using github's REST API, angular, and material design. <nerd-digest> If you want to learn more about what I did, here is the gist and the code. </nerd-digest>. I really enjoyed creating the site, but it was time. The site was great. The only thing that was lacking was a good place to write the posts. I tried using many sites to write in markdown, but didn't find one that I really liked. I did like writing posts in markdown, maybe I can figure that out with blogger? Anyway, needless to say, I'm back on blogger :)

Steam has a couple sales per year that are pretty epic with discounts. Two that I've found so far which I think are really good deals are Project Cars (sim racing) 40% off, and Doom (FPS) 30% off. I picked them both up. 

Project Cars is a really pretty game. The car selection is pretty great, even with no DLC, which there is plenty. I decided to hold off on any DLC until I'm bored with the content it has. I found when I buy a game right away that has all the DLC I end up not playing all of it. In my eyes DLC should only be purchased if one really loves the game. End DLC Rant. I have a TS300 wheel and pedals. The racing experience is pretty good. The feel of the car is pretty spot on. I like that there is damage, and it actually means something. There is also no "undo" feature, which I think is a good thing. I found when I play games like Dirt, which has the undo button, I tend to go for every gap possible knowing if I crash its not the end of the world. Everyone else does this as well, and the online experience turns into destruction derby. Horrible. Anyway, the online experience so far in Project Cars is quite delightful. Each driver has a reputation. If you cut the course a lot, or bash other drivers, you are given a bad reputation. You can put restrictions on rooms that state only people with good standing. Basically, don't be a dick. I like this approach to clean up the online streets. Well done Project Cars. I give it a 5/5.

DOOOOOOOOM. Doom! I loved the original Doom when I was a child. Yes my parents let me play it, I'm not sure I was old enough, I'm pretty sure they didn't realize how bloody it was. Doom to me was the beginning of good gaming. This was my first 3D FPS, and it was a ton of fun. The puzzles, the hunt for the key, and the maze. Every turn was another monster that gave me the creeps. This new rendition of the game is not that far off. Amazing graphics, the game play is very intuitive, and the monsters are pretty gnarly. I've put some time into the game. Its pretty gory, but that is what this game is all about.  It reminds me of the original, but with the glory of modern day gaming. I'm looking forward to putting more time into this game. Its pretty early, but so far I give this game a 4/5.

Last but not least, I created another VLOG. This one takes place at Road America in Wisconsin. I try to make it up there a couple times per year and when I heard IndyCar was coming I had to go! Its also Cassi's first every auto race. She said she liked it. She was amazed at how fast and loud the cars were. Anyway, here ya go, ENJOY!

PS: Question to the audience, what do you use to blog?


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