Endomondo vs Strava, Round 2 (update)

So I've been using Strava for the past couple months, and its great!

Features I love:

  • Automatically linking sections I bike/run with marked sections and show how I did compared to others that have traveled that path.
  • When I run with another person and we are both using Strava it tells you about it.
  • Easy to use interface on my phone and my smart watch (Google Wear device)
  • You tell Strava what shoes you have and it tells you when you have put enough miles on them
  • You setup your bike(s) and it tells you how many miles you are putting on them
  • There newest feature, upcoming events. I love having my goal listed so I know why I'm training.
So why write all these features? Well, Endomondo came out with Google Wear support, that is why. The interesting thing, its better than Stravas integration.  Yes they both tell you how long you have been running/biking, how far you have gone, and your pace (average only for Strava).  Endomondo took it to the next level, full customization. If they track it, you can see it on your watch. They also added heart rate support for those watches that have that.  They even threw in a little icon showing you have GPS signal, something Strava doesn't really show on the watch. For all you fanatics that won't start running until you see 3 bars on your GPS, go with Endomondo. Lastly, since I have been gone Endomondo.com has been through a redesign, looks great.

So now what? On one hand I have Endomondo, who I have been with for a couple years and are catching up with modern times. Or go with Strava, neat competition with fellow runners/bikers, and kind of fun.

Question to the crowd (if they exist), what do you think? Post your choice here


So this past weekend I used Endomondo. I noticed getting a GPS signal took a while, longer than Strava ever did. My Saturday ride went well, no issues there (about 20 miles). I did like having the real time MPH right there, it was nice. Sunday, I went on a fat bike ride and after about 5 miles it randomly died. Then I restarted the app just to have it die again. Ugh!!! I finally just switched over to Strava, which didn't die once.  I've had this problem happen before when using new features that Endomondo has just released. I'm kind of annoyed by it. I think I'll go with Strava.  Based on the poll (posted above), looks like that is the preferred app anyway.




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